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common.h File Reference
#include <geometry_msgs/Point.h>
#include <geometry_msgs/Quaternion.h>
#include <geometry_msgs/Vector3.h>
#include <Eigen/Geometry>
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void mav_msgs::getEulerAnglesFromQuaternion (const Eigen::Quaternion< double > &q, Eigen::Vector3d *euler_angles)
void mav_msgs::getSquaredRotorSpeedsFromAllocationAndState (const Eigen::MatrixXd &allocation_inv, const Eigen::Vector3d &inertia, double mass, const Eigen::Vector3d &angular_velocity_B, const Eigen::Vector3d &angular_acceleration_B, const Eigen::Vector3d &acceleration_B, Eigen::VectorXd *rotor_rates_squared)
double mav_msgs::MagnitudeOfGravity (const double height, const double latitude_radians)
double mav_msgs::nanosecondsToSeconds (int64_t nanoseconds)
void mav_msgs::pointEigenToMsg (const Eigen::Vector3d &eigen, geometry_msgs::Point *msg)
void mav_msgs::quaternionEigenToMsg (const Eigen::Quaterniond &eigen, geometry_msgs::Quaternion *msg)
Eigen::Quaterniond mav_msgs::quaternionFromMsg (const geometry_msgs::Quaternion &msg)
Eigen::Quaterniond mav_msgs::quaternionFromYaw (double yaw)
int64_t mav_msgs::secondsToNanoseconds (double seconds)
void mav_msgs::setAngularVelocityMsgFromYawRate (double yaw_rate, geometry_msgs::Vector3 *msg)
void mav_msgs::setQuaternionMsgFromYaw (double yaw, geometry_msgs::Quaternion *msg)
Eigen::Vector3d mav_msgs::vector3FromMsg (const geometry_msgs::Vector3 &msg)
Eigen::Vector3d mav_msgs::vector3FromPointMsg (const geometry_msgs::Point &msg)
void mav_msgs::vectorEigenToMsg (const Eigen::Vector3d &eigen, geometry_msgs::Vector3 *msg)
double mav_msgs::yawFromQuaternion (const Eigen::Quaterniond &q)
 Extracts the yaw part from a quaternion, using RPY / euler (z-y'-z'') angles. RPY rotates about the fixed axes in the order x-y-z, which is the same as euler angles in the order z-y'-x''. More...


const double mav_msgs::kNumNanosecondsPerSecond = 1.e9

Author(s): Simon Lynen, Markus Achtelik, Pascal Gohl, Sammy Omari, Michael Burri, Fadri Furrer, Helen Oleynikova, Mina Kamel, Karen Bodie, Rik Bähnemann
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