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mg_connection Struct Reference

Public Attributes

time_t birth_time
char * buf
int buf_size
struct socket client
int64_t consumed_content
int64_t content_len
struct mg_contextctx
int data_len
int64_t num_bytes_sent
struct mg_connectionpeer
struct mg_request_info request_info
int request_len

Detailed Description

Definition at line 448 of file mongoose.c.

Member Data Documentation

time_t mg_connection::birth_time

Definition at line 454 of file mongoose.c.

char* mg_connection::buf

Definition at line 458 of file mongoose.c.

int mg_connection::buf_size

Definition at line 459 of file mongoose.c.

struct socket mg_connection::client

Definition at line 453 of file mongoose.c.

int64_t mg_connection::consumed_content

Definition at line 457 of file mongoose.c.

int64_t mg_connection::content_len

Definition at line 456 of file mongoose.c.

struct mg_context* mg_connection::ctx

Definition at line 451 of file mongoose.c.

int mg_connection::data_len

Definition at line 461 of file mongoose.c.

int64_t mg_connection::num_bytes_sent

Definition at line 455 of file mongoose.c.

struct mg_connection* mg_connection::peer

Definition at line 449 of file mongoose.c.

struct mg_request_info mg_connection::request_info

Definition at line 450 of file mongoose.c.

int mg_connection::request_len

Definition at line 460 of file mongoose.c.

SSL* mg_connection::ssl

Definition at line 452 of file mongoose.c.

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