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 NifoptCommon namespace for all elements in this library
 CBoundsUpper and lower bound for optimization variables and constraints
 CComponentInterface representing either Variable, Cost or Constraint
 CCompositeA collection of components which is treated as another Component
 CConstraintSetA container holding a set of related constraints
 CCostTermA container holding a single cost term
 CIpoptSolverAn interface to IPOPT, fully hiding its implementation
 CProblemA generic optimization problem with variables, costs and constraints
 CSnoptAdapterSolves the optimization problem with SNOPT version 7.5 and below
 CSnoptSolverAn interface to SNOPT, fully hiding its implementation
 CSolverSolver interface implemented by IPOPT and SNOPT
 CVariableSetA container holding a set of related optimization variables
 NIpoptNamespace defined by the Ipopt solver
 CIpoptAdapterSolves the optimization problem using the IPOPT solver

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