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grid_map::GridMapOctomapConverter Class Reference

#include <GridMapOctomapConverter.hpp>

Public Member Functions

 GridMapOctomapConverter ()
virtual ~GridMapOctomapConverter ()

Static Public Member Functions

static bool fromOctomap (const octomap::OcTree &octomap, const std::string &layer, grid_map::GridMap &gridMap, const grid_map::Position3 *minPoint=nullptr, const grid_map::Position3 *maxPoint=nullptr)

Detailed Description

Conversions between grid maps and Octomap types.

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Constructor & Destructor Documentation

grid_map::GridMapOctomapConverter::GridMapOctomapConverter ( )

Default constructor.

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grid_map::GridMapOctomapConverter::~GridMapOctomapConverter ( )


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Member Function Documentation

bool grid_map::GridMapOctomapConverter::fromOctomap ( const octomap::OcTree octomap,
const std::string &  layer,
grid_map::GridMap gridMap,
const grid_map::Position3 minPoint = nullptr,
const grid_map::Position3 maxPoint = nullptr 

Converts an Octomap to a grid map in the same coordinate frame, with a cell resolution equal to the leaf voxel size in the Octomap. Only creates a layer for elevation. This changes the geometry of the grid map and deletes all layer contents. Note: Bounding box coordinates are not checked for sanity - if you provide values outside of the gridmap, undefined behavior may result.

[in]octomapthe octomap.
[in]layerthe layer that is filled with the octomap data.
[out]gridMapthe grid map to be initialized.
[in]minPoint(optional) minimum coordinate for bounding box.
[in]maxPoint(optional) maximum coordinate for bounding box.
true if successful, false otherwise.

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