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WG0XDiagnostics Struct Reference

#include <wg0x.h>

Public Member Functions

void update (const WG0XSafetyDisableStatus &new_status, const WG0XDiagnosticsInfo &new_diagnostics_info)
 Use new updates WG0X diagnostics with new safety disable data. More...
 WG0XDiagnostics ()

Public Attributes

uint32_t board_over_temp_total_
uint32_t bridge_over_temp_total_
double cached_zero_offset_
uint32_t checksum_errors_
WG0XDiagnosticsInfo diagnostics_info_
bool first_
uint32_t lock_errors_
uint32_t operate_disable_total_
uint32_t over_current_total_
WG0XSafetyDisableStatus safety_disable_status_
uint32_t safety_disable_total_
uint32_t undervoltage_total_
bool valid_
uint32_t watchdog_disable_total_
double zero_offset_

Detailed Description

Definition at line 207 of file wg0x.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

WG0XDiagnostics::WG0XDiagnostics ( )

Definition at line 64 of file wg0x.cpp.

Member Function Documentation

void WG0XDiagnostics::update ( const WG0XSafetyDisableStatus new_status,
const WG0XDiagnosticsInfo new_diagnostics_info 

Use new updates WG0X diagnostics with new safety disable data.

new_statusnewly collected safety disable status
new_countersnewly collected safety disable counters

Definition at line 89 of file wg0x.cpp.

Member Data Documentation

uint32_t WG0XDiagnostics::board_over_temp_total_

Definition at line 221 of file wg0x.h.

uint32_t WG0XDiagnostics::bridge_over_temp_total_

Definition at line 222 of file wg0x.h.

double WG0XDiagnostics::cached_zero_offset_

Definition at line 231 of file wg0x.h.

uint32_t WG0XDiagnostics::checksum_errors_

Definition at line 227 of file wg0x.h.

WG0XDiagnosticsInfo WG0XDiagnostics::diagnostics_info_

Definition at line 216 of file wg0x.h.

bool WG0XDiagnostics::first_

Definition at line 212 of file wg0x.h.

uint32_t WG0XDiagnostics::lock_errors_

Definition at line 226 of file wg0x.h.

uint32_t WG0XDiagnostics::operate_disable_total_

Definition at line 223 of file wg0x.h.

uint32_t WG0XDiagnostics::over_current_total_

Definition at line 220 of file wg0x.h.

WG0XSafetyDisableStatus WG0XDiagnostics::safety_disable_status_

Definition at line 214 of file wg0x.h.

uint32_t WG0XDiagnostics::safety_disable_total_

Definition at line 218 of file wg0x.h.

uint32_t WG0XDiagnostics::undervoltage_total_

Definition at line 219 of file wg0x.h.

bool WG0XDiagnostics::valid_

Definition at line 213 of file wg0x.h.

uint32_t WG0XDiagnostics::watchdog_disable_total_

Definition at line 224 of file wg0x.h.

double WG0XDiagnostics::zero_offset_

Definition at line 230 of file wg0x.h.

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