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WG0XConfigInfo Struct Reference

#include <wg0x.h>

Public Member Functions

union {
   uint32_t   revision_
__attribute__ ((__packed__))

Public Attributes

uint16_t absolute_current_limit_
uint8_t configuration_status_
uint8_t current_loop_ki_
uint8_t current_loop_kp_
uint32_t device_serial_number_
float nominal_current_scale_
float nominal_voltage_scale_
uint8_t pad_ [8]
uint32_t product_id_
uint8_t safety_disable_count_
uint8_t safety_disable_status_
uint8_t safety_disable_status_hold_
uint16_t watchdog_limit_
uint8_t firmware_major_revision_
uint8_t firmware_minor_revision_
uint8_t pca_revision_
uint8_t pcb_revision_

Static Public Attributes

static const unsigned CONFIG_INFO_BASE_ADDR = 0x0080

Detailed Description

Definition at line 96 of file wg0x.h.

Member Function Documentation

union WG0XConfigInfo::@11 WG0XConfigInfo::__attribute__ ( (__packed__)  )

Member Data Documentation

uint16_t WG0XConfigInfo::absolute_current_limit_

Definition at line 113 of file wg0x.h.

const unsigned WG0XConfigInfo::CONFIG_INFO_BASE_ADDR = 0x0080

Definition at line 123 of file wg0x.h.

uint8_t WG0XConfigInfo::configuration_status_

Definition at line 117 of file wg0x.h.

uint8_t WG0XConfigInfo::current_loop_ki_

Definition at line 112 of file wg0x.h.

uint8_t WG0XConfigInfo::current_loop_kp_

Definition at line 111 of file wg0x.h.

uint32_t WG0XConfigInfo::device_serial_number_

Definition at line 110 of file wg0x.h.

uint8_t WG0XConfigInfo::firmware_major_revision_

Definition at line 105 of file wg0x.h.

uint8_t WG0XConfigInfo::firmware_minor_revision_

Definition at line 104 of file wg0x.h.

float WG0XConfigInfo::nominal_current_scale_

Definition at line 114 of file wg0x.h.

float WG0XConfigInfo::nominal_voltage_scale_

Definition at line 115 of file wg0x.h.

uint8_t WG0XConfigInfo::pad_[8]

Definition at line 116 of file wg0x.h.

uint8_t WG0XConfigInfo::pca_revision_

Definition at line 106 of file wg0x.h.

uint8_t WG0XConfigInfo::pcb_revision_

Definition at line 107 of file wg0x.h.

uint32_t WG0XConfigInfo::product_id_

Definition at line 98 of file wg0x.h.

uint32_t WG0XConfigInfo::revision_

Definition at line 101 of file wg0x.h.

uint8_t WG0XConfigInfo::safety_disable_count_

Definition at line 120 of file wg0x.h.

uint8_t WG0XConfigInfo::safety_disable_status_

Definition at line 118 of file wg0x.h.

uint8_t WG0XConfigInfo::safety_disable_status_hold_

Definition at line 119 of file wg0x.h.

uint16_t WG0XConfigInfo::watchdog_limit_

Definition at line 121 of file wg0x.h.

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