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WG06StatusWithAccelAndFT Struct Reference

#include <wg06.h>

Public Attributes

uint32_t accel_ [4]
uint8_t accel_count_
uint16_t board_temperature_
uint16_t bridge_temperature_
uint8_t checksum_
uint8_t digital_out_
int32_t encoder_count_
int32_t encoder_index_pos_
uint8_t encoder_status_
uint8_t ft_sample_count_
FTDataSample ft_samples_ [4]
int16_t measured_current_
uint8_t mode_
int16_t motor_voltage_
uint16_t num_encoder_errors_
uint16_t packet_count_
uint8_t pad_
int16_t programmed_current_
int16_t programmed_pwm_value_
uint16_t supply_voltage_
uint32_t timestamp_
uint8_t unused1
int32_t unused2
int32_t unused3
uint8_t unused4 [3]

Static Public Attributes

static const unsigned SIZE =129

Detailed Description

Definition at line 110 of file wg06.h.

Member Data Documentation

uint32_t WG06StatusWithAccelAndFT::accel_[4]

Definition at line 132 of file wg06.h.

uint8_t WG06StatusWithAccelAndFT::accel_count_

Definition at line 131 of file wg06.h.

uint16_t WG06StatusWithAccelAndFT::board_temperature_

Definition at line 125 of file wg06.h.

uint16_t WG06StatusWithAccelAndFT::bridge_temperature_

Definition at line 126 of file wg06.h.

uint8_t WG06StatusWithAccelAndFT::checksum_

Definition at line 136 of file wg06.h.

uint8_t WG06StatusWithAccelAndFT::digital_out_

Definition at line 113 of file wg06.h.

int32_t WG06StatusWithAccelAndFT::encoder_count_

Definition at line 118 of file wg06.h.

int32_t WG06StatusWithAccelAndFT::encoder_index_pos_

Definition at line 119 of file wg06.h.

uint8_t WG06StatusWithAccelAndFT::encoder_status_

Definition at line 121 of file wg06.h.

uint8_t WG06StatusWithAccelAndFT::ft_sample_count_

Definition at line 134 of file wg06.h.

FTDataSample WG06StatusWithAccelAndFT::ft_samples_[4]

Definition at line 135 of file wg06.h.

int16_t WG06StatusWithAccelAndFT::measured_current_

Definition at line 116 of file wg06.h.

uint8_t WG06StatusWithAccelAndFT::mode_

Definition at line 112 of file wg06.h.

int16_t WG06StatusWithAccelAndFT::motor_voltage_

Definition at line 128 of file wg06.h.

uint16_t WG06StatusWithAccelAndFT::num_encoder_errors_

Definition at line 120 of file wg06.h.

uint16_t WG06StatusWithAccelAndFT::packet_count_

Definition at line 129 of file wg06.h.

uint8_t WG06StatusWithAccelAndFT::pad_

Definition at line 130 of file wg06.h.

int16_t WG06StatusWithAccelAndFT::programmed_current_

Definition at line 115 of file wg06.h.

int16_t WG06StatusWithAccelAndFT::programmed_pwm_value_

Definition at line 114 of file wg06.h.

const unsigned WG06StatusWithAccelAndFT::SIZE =129

Definition at line 138 of file wg06.h.

uint16_t WG06StatusWithAccelAndFT::supply_voltage_

Definition at line 127 of file wg06.h.

uint32_t WG06StatusWithAccelAndFT::timestamp_

Definition at line 117 of file wg06.h.

uint8_t WG06StatusWithAccelAndFT::unused1

Definition at line 122 of file wg06.h.

int32_t WG06StatusWithAccelAndFT::unused2

Definition at line 123 of file wg06.h.

int32_t WG06StatusWithAccelAndFT::unused3

Definition at line 124 of file wg06.h.

uint8_t WG06StatusWithAccelAndFT::unused4[3]

Definition at line 133 of file wg06.h.

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