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 CTestAggregatorUses aggregator parameters to compare diagnostics with aggregated output
 CAggregatorAggregator processes /diagnostics, republishes on /diagnostics_agg
 CAnalyzerBase class of all Analyzers. Loaded by aggregator
 CAnalyzerGroupAllows analyzers to be grouped together, or used as sub-analyzers
 CDiscardAnalyzerDiscardAnalyzer is does not report any values. It is a subclass of GenericAnalyzer
 CGenericAnalyzerGenericAnalyzer is most basic diagnostic Analyzer
 CGenericAnalyzerBaseGenericAnalyzerBase is the base class for GenericAnalyzer and OtherAnalyzer
 CIgnoreAnalyzerIgnoreAnalyzer ignores all analyzer parameters and does nothing
 CStatusItemHelper class to hold, store DiagnosticStatus messages

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