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canopen::DeviceInfo Struct Reference

#include <objdict.h>

Public Attributes

boost::unordered_set< uint32_t > baudrates
boost::unordered_set< uint16_t > dummy_usage
bool dynamic_channels_supported
uint8_t granularity
bool group_messaging
bool lss_supported
uint16_t nr_of_rx_pdo
uint16_t nr_of_tx_pdo
std::string order_code
std::string product_name
uint32_t product_number
uint32_t revision_number
bool simple_boot_up_master
bool simple_boot_up_slave
std::string vendor_name
uint32_t vendor_number

Detailed Description

Definition at line 95 of file objdict.h.

Member Data Documentation

boost::unordered_set<uint32_t> canopen::DeviceInfo::baudrates

Definition at line 102 of file objdict.h.

boost::unordered_set<uint16_t> canopen::DeviceInfo::dummy_usage

Definition at line 111 of file objdict.h.

bool canopen::DeviceInfo::dynamic_channels_supported

Definition at line 106 of file objdict.h.

uint8_t canopen::DeviceInfo::granularity

Definition at line 105 of file objdict.h.

bool canopen::DeviceInfo::group_messaging

Definition at line 107 of file objdict.h.

bool canopen::DeviceInfo::lss_supported

Definition at line 110 of file objdict.h.

uint16_t canopen::DeviceInfo::nr_of_rx_pdo

Definition at line 108 of file objdict.h.

uint16_t canopen::DeviceInfo::nr_of_tx_pdo

Definition at line 109 of file objdict.h.

std::string canopen::DeviceInfo::order_code

Definition at line 101 of file objdict.h.

std::string canopen::DeviceInfo::product_name

Definition at line 98 of file objdict.h.

uint32_t canopen::DeviceInfo::product_number

Definition at line 99 of file objdict.h.

uint32_t canopen::DeviceInfo::revision_number

Definition at line 100 of file objdict.h.

bool canopen::DeviceInfo::simple_boot_up_master

Definition at line 103 of file objdict.h.

bool canopen::DeviceInfo::simple_boot_up_slave

Definition at line 104 of file objdict.h.

std::string canopen::DeviceInfo::vendor_name

Definition at line 96 of file objdict.h.

uint32_t canopen::DeviceInfo::vendor_number

Definition at line 97 of file objdict.h.

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