zeroconf_avahi.utilities Namespace Reference


def same_service (service_one, service_two)
def service_name (service_type)
def service_to_str (service)

Detailed Description

Created on 01/08/2011

Utility functions

@author: Daniel Stonier

Function Documentation

def zeroconf_avahi.utilities.same_service (   service_one,
  Sometimes you'll see the same service on multiple interfaces - this will often happen on localhost
  where the service will be getting advertised on whatever network devices you currently have
  running (e.g. eth0 and wlan1).
  In these cases, we assume they're equal. In fact, the important properties uniquely
  identifying the service for us (remembering that we're discovering on a particular domain and
  service_type) are:
    service_name, port, domain

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def zeroconf_avahi.utilities.service_name (   service_type)
    This emulates what python-avahi's ServiceTypeDatabase class does in 
    conjuction with /usr/share/service-types and /usr/lib/avahi/service-types.db.
    We could just roll out further .db's which would then get 
    it to print nice englishified versions of the service types for any
    zeroconf browser, however we're really only interested in making it functional
    internally (ros-internally) for now. So just hacking it in code for now.

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def zeroconf_avahi.utilities.service_to_str (   service)
  String representation of zeroconf announcement 

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Author(s): Daniel Stonier
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