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cmd_vel_mux_nodelet.hpp File Reference

Structure for the yocs_cmd_vel_mux. More...

#include <ros/ros.h>
#include <nodelet/nodelet.h>
#include <dynamic_reconfigure/server.h>
#include "yocs_cmd_vel_mux/reloadConfig.h"
#include "yocs_cmd_vel_mux/cmd_vel_subscribers.hpp"
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class  yocs_cmd_vel_mux::CmdVelMuxNodelet::CmdVelFunctor
class  yocs_cmd_vel_mux::CmdVelMuxNodelet
class  yocs_cmd_vel_mux::CmdVelMuxNodelet::TimerFunctor



Detailed Description

Structure for the yocs_cmd_vel_mux.

License: BSD

Definition in file cmd_vel_mux_nodelet.hpp.

Author(s): Jorge Santos Simon
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