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XArmReportData Class Reference

#include <report_data.h>

Public Member Functions

int flush_data (unsigned char *rx_data)
void print_data (void)
 XArmReportData (std::string report_type="normal")
 ~XArmReportData (void)

Public Attributes

float angle [7]
int arm_type
int axis_num
int cgpio_code
float cgpio_input_analogs [2]
unsigned char cgpio_input_conf [16]
int cgpio_input_digitals [2]
float cgpio_output_analogs [2]
unsigned char cgpio_output_conf [16]
int cgpio_output_digitals [2]
int cgpio_state
int cmdnum
int collis_sens
int collision_detection
float collision_model_params [6]
int collision_tool_type
int count
float currents [7]
int err
int gpio_reset_conf [2]
float gravity_dir [3]
int master_id
int mode
int motor_fid
int motor_tid
int mt_able
int mt_brake
float p2p_accmax
float p2p_accmin
float p2p_jerk
float p2p_velomax
float p2p_velomin
float pose [6]
float rot_accmax
float rot_jerk
float rt_joint_spds [7]
float rt_tcp_spd
int simulation_mode
int slave_id
int state
float tau [7]
float tcp_load [4]
float tcp_offset [6]
int teach_sens
int temperatures [7]
int total_num
float trs_accmax
float trs_accmin
float trs_jerk
float trs_velomax
float trs_velomin
unsigned char versions [30]
float voltages [7]
int war
float world_offset [6]

Private Member Functions

int __flush_common_data (unsigned char *rx_data)
void __print_common_data (void)
int _flush_dev_data (unsigned char *rx_data)
int _flush_normal_data (unsigned char *rx_data)
int _flush_rich_data (unsigned char *rx_data)
void _print_dev_data (void)
void _print_normal_data (void)
void _print_rich_data (void)

Private Attributes

unsigned char * data_fp
float p2p_msg_ [5]
std::string report_type
float rot_msg_ [2]
int sv3msg_ [16]
float trs_msg_ [5]

Detailed Description

Definition at line 116 of file report_data.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

XArmReportData::XArmReportData ( std::string  report_type = "normal")

Definition at line 254 of file

XArmReportData::~XArmReportData ( void  )

Definition at line 325 of file

Member Function Documentation

int XArmReportData::__flush_common_data ( unsigned char *  rx_data)

Definition at line 327 of file

void XArmReportData::__print_common_data ( void  )

Definition at line 345 of file

int XArmReportData::_flush_dev_data ( unsigned char *  rx_data)

Definition at line 354 of file

int XArmReportData::_flush_normal_data ( unsigned char *  rx_data)

Definition at line 363 of file

int XArmReportData::_flush_rich_data ( unsigned char *  rx_data)

Definition at line 389 of file

void XArmReportData::_print_dev_data ( void  )

Definition at line 358 of file

void XArmReportData::_print_normal_data ( void  )

Definition at line 378 of file

void XArmReportData::_print_rich_data ( void  )

Definition at line 472 of file

int XArmReportData::flush_data ( unsigned char *  rx_data)

Definition at line 554 of file

void XArmReportData::print_data ( void  )

Definition at line 567 of file

Member Data Documentation

float XArmReportData::angle[7]

Definition at line 140 of file report_data.h.

int XArmReportData::arm_type

Definition at line 156 of file report_data.h.

int XArmReportData::axis_num

Definition at line 157 of file report_data.h.

int XArmReportData::cgpio_code

Definition at line 190 of file report_data.h.

float XArmReportData::cgpio_input_analogs[2]

Definition at line 193 of file report_data.h.

unsigned char XArmReportData::cgpio_input_conf[16]

Definition at line 195 of file report_data.h.

int XArmReportData::cgpio_input_digitals[2]

Definition at line 191 of file report_data.h.

float XArmReportData::cgpio_output_analogs[2]

Definition at line 194 of file report_data.h.

unsigned char XArmReportData::cgpio_output_conf[16]

Definition at line 196 of file report_data.h.

int XArmReportData::cgpio_output_digitals[2]

Definition at line 192 of file report_data.h.

int XArmReportData::cgpio_state

Definition at line 189 of file report_data.h.

int XArmReportData::cmdnum

Definition at line 139 of file report_data.h.

int XArmReportData::collis_sens

Definition at line 151 of file report_data.h.

int XArmReportData::collision_detection

Definition at line 183 of file report_data.h.

float XArmReportData::collision_model_params[6]

Definition at line 185 of file report_data.h.

int XArmReportData::collision_tool_type

Definition at line 184 of file report_data.h.

int XArmReportData::count

Definition at line 179 of file report_data.h.

float XArmReportData::currents[7]

Definition at line 187 of file report_data.h.

unsigned char* XArmReportData::data_fp

Definition at line 200 of file report_data.h.

int XArmReportData::err

Definition at line 147 of file report_data.h.

int XArmReportData::gpio_reset_conf[2]

Definition at line 181 of file report_data.h.

float XArmReportData::gravity_dir[3]

Definition at line 153 of file report_data.h.

int XArmReportData::master_id

Definition at line 158 of file report_data.h.

int XArmReportData::mode

Definition at line 138 of file report_data.h.

int XArmReportData::motor_fid

Definition at line 161 of file report_data.h.

int XArmReportData::motor_tid

Definition at line 160 of file report_data.h.

int XArmReportData::mt_able

Definition at line 146 of file report_data.h.

int XArmReportData::mt_brake

Definition at line 145 of file report_data.h.

float XArmReportData::p2p_accmax

Definition at line 170 of file report_data.h.

float XArmReportData::p2p_accmin

Definition at line 169 of file report_data.h.

float XArmReportData::p2p_jerk

Definition at line 168 of file report_data.h.

float XArmReportData::p2p_msg_[5]

Definition at line 203 of file report_data.h.

float XArmReportData::p2p_velomax

Definition at line 172 of file report_data.h.

float XArmReportData::p2p_velomin

Definition at line 171 of file report_data.h.

float XArmReportData::pose[6]

Definition at line 141 of file report_data.h.

std::string XArmReportData::report_type

Definition at line 199 of file report_data.h.

float XArmReportData::rot_accmax

Definition at line 174 of file report_data.h.

float XArmReportData::rot_jerk

Definition at line 173 of file report_data.h.

float XArmReportData::rot_msg_[2]

Definition at line 204 of file report_data.h.

float XArmReportData::rt_joint_spds[7]

Definition at line 178 of file report_data.h.

float XArmReportData::rt_tcp_spd

Definition at line 177 of file report_data.h.

int XArmReportData::simulation_mode

Definition at line 182 of file report_data.h.

int XArmReportData::slave_id

Definition at line 159 of file report_data.h.

int XArmReportData::state

Definition at line 137 of file report_data.h.

int XArmReportData::sv3msg_[16]

Definition at line 201 of file report_data.h.

float XArmReportData::tau[7]

Definition at line 142 of file report_data.h.

float XArmReportData::tcp_load[4]

Definition at line 150 of file report_data.h.

float XArmReportData::tcp_offset[6]

Definition at line 149 of file report_data.h.

int XArmReportData::teach_sens

Definition at line 152 of file report_data.h.

int XArmReportData::temperatures[7]

Definition at line 176 of file report_data.h.

int XArmReportData::total_num

Definition at line 135 of file report_data.h.

float XArmReportData::trs_accmax

Definition at line 165 of file report_data.h.

float XArmReportData::trs_accmin

Definition at line 164 of file report_data.h.

float XArmReportData::trs_jerk

Definition at line 163 of file report_data.h.

float XArmReportData::trs_msg_[5]

Definition at line 202 of file report_data.h.

float XArmReportData::trs_velomax

Definition at line 167 of file report_data.h.

float XArmReportData::trs_velomin

Definition at line 166 of file report_data.h.

unsigned char XArmReportData::versions[30]

Definition at line 162 of file report_data.h.

float XArmReportData::voltages[7]

Definition at line 186 of file report_data.h.

int XArmReportData::war

Definition at line 148 of file report_data.h.

float XArmReportData::world_offset[6]

Definition at line 180 of file report_data.h.

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