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urdf_parser_py.xml_reflection.core.Object Class Reference
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Public Member Functions

def add_aggregate (self, xml_var, obj)
def add_aggregates_to_xml (self, node)
def aggregate_init (self)
def check_valid (self)
def from_xml (cls, node)
def from_xml_file (cls, file_path)
def from_xml_string (cls, xml_string)
def get_aggregate_list (self, xml_var)
def get_refl_vars (self)
def lump_aggregates (self)
def parse (self, xml_string)
def post_read_xml (self)
def pre_write_xml (self)
def read_xml (self, node)
def remove_aggregate (self, obj)
def to_xml (self)
def to_xml_string (self, addHeader=True)
def write_xml (self, node)
- Public Member Functions inherited from urdf_parser_py.xml_reflection.basics.YamlReflection
def __str__ (self)
def to_yaml (self)
- Public Member Functions inherited from urdf_parser_py.xml_reflection.basics.SelectiveReflection
def get_refl_vars (self)

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Detailed Description

Raw python object for yaml / xml representation 

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Member Function Documentation

def urdf_parser_py.xml_reflection.core.Object.add_aggregate (   self,
NOTE: One must keep careful track of aggregate types for this system.
Can use 'lump_aggregates()' before writing if you don't care. 

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def urdf_parser_py.xml_reflection.core.Object.add_aggregates_to_xml (   self,

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def urdf_parser_py.xml_reflection.core.Object.aggregate_init (   self)
Must be called in constructor! 

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def urdf_parser_py.xml_reflection.core.Object.check_valid (   self)

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def urdf_parser_py.xml_reflection.core.Object.from_xml (   cls,

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def urdf_parser_py.xml_reflection.core.Object.from_xml_file (   cls,

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def urdf_parser_py.xml_reflection.core.Object.from_xml_string (   cls,

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def urdf_parser_py.xml_reflection.core.Object.get_aggregate_list (   self,

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def urdf_parser_py.xml_reflection.core.Object.get_refl_vars (   self)

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def urdf_parser_py.xml_reflection.core.Object.lump_aggregates (   self)
Put all aggregate types together, just because 

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def urdf_parser_py.xml_reflection.core.Object.parse (   self,

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def urdf_parser_py.xml_reflection.core.Object.post_read_xml (   self)

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def urdf_parser_py.xml_reflection.core.Object.pre_write_xml (   self)
If anything needs to be converted prior to dumping to xml
i.e., getting the names of objects and such 

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def urdf_parser_py.xml_reflection.core.Object.read_xml (   self,

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def urdf_parser_py.xml_reflection.core.Object.remove_aggregate (   self,

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def urdf_parser_py.xml_reflection.core.Object.to_xml (   self)
Creates an overarching tag and adds its contents to the node 

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def urdf_parser_py.xml_reflection.core.Object.to_xml_string (   self,
  addHeader = True 

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def urdf_parser_py.xml_reflection.core.Object.write_xml (   self,
Adds contents directly to XML node 

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