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test_urdf.TestURDFParser Class Reference
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Public Member Functions

def parse (self, xml)
def parse_and_compare (self, orig)
def test_link_material_missing_color_and_texture (self)
def test_new_transmission (self)
def test_new_transmission_missing_actuator (self)
def test_new_transmission_missing_joint (self)
def test_new_transmission_multiple_actuators (self)
def test_new_transmission_multiple_joints (self)
def test_old_transmission (self)
def test_robot_material (self)
def test_robot_material_missing_color_and_texture (self)

Static Public Attributes


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Member Function Documentation

def test_urdf.TestURDFParser.parse (   self,

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def test_urdf.TestURDFParser.parse_and_compare (   self,

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def test_urdf.TestURDFParser.test_link_material_missing_color_and_texture (   self)

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def test_urdf.TestURDFParser.test_new_transmission (   self)

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def test_urdf.TestURDFParser.test_new_transmission_missing_actuator (   self)

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def test_urdf.TestURDFParser.test_new_transmission_missing_joint (   self)

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def test_urdf.TestURDFParser.test_new_transmission_multiple_actuators (   self)

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def test_urdf.TestURDFParser.test_new_transmission_multiple_joints (   self)

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def test_urdf.TestURDFParser.test_old_transmission (   self)

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def test_urdf.TestURDFParser.test_robot_material (   self)

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def test_urdf.TestURDFParser.test_robot_material_missing_color_and_texture (   self)

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