sr_utilities Directory Reference


file  calibration.hpp [code]
 This class contains the algorithm which takes the raw ADC reading, and uses the N-point piecewise linear algorithm to convert it to an angle in degrees.
file  sr_arm_finder.hpp [code]
file  sr_deadband.hpp [code]
 This library contains different types of deadbands, which are useful in controllers for example.
file  sr_hand_finder.hpp [code]
file  sr_math_utils.hpp [code]
 This is a header library used to implement some useful math functions. It is used in our different packages.
file  thread_safe_map.hpp [code]
 We needed a threadsafe hash map, with the possibility of multiple readers accessing the map at the same time, but only one writer at a time.

Author(s): Ugo Cupcic
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