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sr_utilities.scripts.sr_utilities.hand_finder.HandFinder Class Reference
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Public Member Functions

def __init__ (self)
def get_available_prefix (self, number=0, serial=None, name=None)
def get_calibration_path (self)
def get_hand_control_tuning (self)
def get_hand_e (self, number=0, serial=None)
def get_hand_h (self, number=0, name=None)
def get_hand_joints (self)
def get_hand_parameters (self)
def hand_e_available (self)
def hand_h_available (self)

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Detailed Description

The HandFinder is a utility library for detecting Shadow Hands running on
the system. The idea is to make it easier to write generic code,
 using this library to handle prefixes, joint prefixes etc...

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Constructor & Destructor Documentation

def sr_utilities.scripts.sr_utilities.hand_finder.HandFinder.__init__ (   self)
Parses the parameter server to extract the necessary information.

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Member Function Documentation

def sr_utilities.scripts.sr_utilities.hand_finder.HandFinder.get_available_prefix (   self,
  number = 0,
  serial = None,
  name = None 

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def sr_utilities.scripts.sr_utilities.hand_finder.HandFinder.get_calibration_path (   self)

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def sr_utilities.scripts.sr_utilities.hand_finder.HandFinder.get_hand_control_tuning (   self)

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def sr_utilities.scripts.sr_utilities.hand_finder.HandFinder.get_hand_e (   self,
  number = 0,
  serial = None 

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def sr_utilities.scripts.sr_utilities.hand_finder.HandFinder.get_hand_h (   self,
  number = 0,
  name = None 

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def sr_utilities.scripts.sr_utilities.hand_finder.HandFinder.get_hand_joints (   self)

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def sr_utilities.scripts.sr_utilities.hand_finder.HandFinder.get_hand_parameters (   self)

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def sr_utilities.scripts.sr_utilities.hand_finder.HandFinder.hand_e_available (   self)

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def sr_utilities.scripts.sr_utilities.hand_finder.HandFinder.hand_h_available (   self)

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