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ProgramTest Class Reference
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Public Member Functions

void doProgram (const std::string &prog, TaskContext *, bool test=true)
void finishProgram (TaskContext *, std::string)
void loopProgram (ProgramInterfacePtr)
 ProgramTest ()
 ~ProgramTest ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from OperationsFixture
bool assertBool (bool b)
bool assertEqual (int a, int b)
bool assertMsg (bool b, const std::string &msg)
bool comstr (const std::string &cs)
void createOperationCallerFactories (TaskContext *target)
void createOperationCallerFactories0 (TaskContext *target)
void createOperationCallerFactories1 (TaskContext *target)
void createOperationCallerFactories2 (TaskContext *target)
void createOperationCallerFactories3 (TaskContext *target)
void createOperationCallerFactories4 (TaskContext *target)
void createOperationCallerFactories5 (TaskContext *target)
void createOperationCallerFactories6 (TaskContext *target)
void createOperationCallerFactories7 (TaskContext *target)
bool fail ()
int getI () const
bool good ()
int increase ()
bool isTrue (bool b)
double m0 (void)
const double & m0cr ()
void m0except (void)
double & m0r ()
double m1 (int i)
double m1cr (const double &a)
double m1r (double &a)
double m2 (int i, double d)
double m3 (int i, double d, bool c)
double m4 (int i, double d, bool c, std::string s)
double m5 (int i, double d, bool c, std::string s, float f)
double m6 (int i, double d, bool c, std::string s, float f, char h)
double m7 (int i, double d, bool c, std::string s, float f, char h, unsigned int st)
 OperationsFixture ()
void print (const std::string &what)
void printNumber (const std::string &what, int n)
void resetI ()
void * returnAddressOf (int &i)
const void * returnAddressOfConst (const int &i)
int sleepAndIncrement (int seconds)
void vm0 (void)
 ~OperationsFixture ()

Public Attributes

int const_i
Parser parser
ScriptingService::shared_ptr sa
SendStatus tss
int var_i
- Public Attributes inherited from OperationsFixture
int i
double ret

Detailed Description

Definition at line 43 of file program_test.cpp.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

ProgramTest::ProgramTest ( )

Definition at line 56 of file program_test.cpp.

ProgramTest::~ProgramTest ( )

Definition at line 75 of file program_test.cpp.

Member Function Documentation

void ProgramTest::doProgram ( const std::string &  prog,
TaskContext tc,
bool  test = true 

Definition at line 617 of file program_test.cpp.

void ProgramTest::finishProgram ( TaskContext tc,
std::string  prog_name 

Definition at line 667 of file program_test.cpp.

void ProgramTest::loopProgram ( ProgramInterfacePtr  f)

Definition at line 650 of file program_test.cpp.

Member Data Documentation

int ProgramTest::const_i

Definition at line 49 of file program_test.cpp.

Parser ProgramTest::parser

Definition at line 46 of file program_test.cpp.

Definition at line 47 of file program_test.cpp.

SendStatus ProgramTest::tss

Definition at line 50 of file program_test.cpp.

int ProgramTest::var_i

Definition at line 48 of file program_test.cpp.

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