rqt_py_common.ini_helper Namespace Reference


def is_string (s)
def pack (data)
def unpack (data)

Function Documentation

def rqt_py_common.ini_helper.is_string (   s)
Check if the argument is a string which works for both Python 2 and 3.

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def rqt_py_common.ini_helper.pack (   data)
Packs 'data' into a form that can be easily and readably written to an ini file
:param data: A list of strings or a list of items with a 'text' method to be flattened into a string ''list''
:return: A string suitable for output to ini files ''str''

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def rqt_py_common.ini_helper.unpack (   data)
Unpacks the values read from an ini file
:param data: An entry taken from an ini file ''list or string''
:return: A list of strings ''list''

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