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rosserial_python.SerialClient.RosSerialServer Class Reference

Public Member Functions

def __init__ (self, tcp_portnum, fork_server=False)
def flushInput (self)
def inWaiting (self)
def listen (self)
def read (self, rqsted_length)
def startSerialClient (self)
def startSocketServer (self, port, address)
def write (self, data)

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Detailed Description

    RosSerialServer waits for a socket connection then passes itself, forked as a
    new process, to SerialClient which uses it as a serial port. It continues to listen
    for additional connections. Each forked process is a new ros node, and proxies ros
    operations (e.g. publish/subscribe) from its connection to the rest of ros.

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Constructor & Destructor Documentation

def rosserial_python.SerialClient.RosSerialServer.__init__ (   self,
  fork_server = False 

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Member Function Documentation

def rosserial_python.SerialClient.RosSerialServer.flushInput (   self)

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def rosserial_python.SerialClient.RosSerialServer.inWaiting (   self)

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def rosserial_python.SerialClient.RosSerialServer.listen (   self)

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def (   self,

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def rosserial_python.SerialClient.RosSerialServer.startSerialClient (   self)

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def rosserial_python.SerialClient.RosSerialServer.startSocketServer (   self,

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def rosserial_python.SerialClient.RosSerialServer.write (   self,

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