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test.test_json_message_converter Namespace Reference


class  TestJsonMessageConverter


def serialize_deserialize (message)


string NAME = 'test_json_message_converter'
string PKG = 'rospy_message_converter'

Function Documentation

def test.test_json_message_converter.serialize_deserialize (   message)
Serialize and then deserialize a message. This simulates sending a message
between ROS nodes and makes sure that the ROS messages being tested are
actually serializable, and are in the same format as they would be received
over the network. In rospy, it is possible to assign an illegal data type
to a message field (for example, `message = String(data=42)`), but trying
to publish this message will throw `SerializationError: field data must be
of type str`. This method will expose such bugs.

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Variable Documentation

string test.test_json_message_converter.NAME = 'test_json_message_converter'

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string test.test_json_message_converter.PKG = 'rospy_message_converter'

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