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Rosout Class Reference

Public Member Functions

void init ()
 Rosout ()
void rosoutCallback (const rosgraph_msgs::Log::ConstPtr &msg)

Public Attributes

ros::Publisher agg_pub_
size_t current_backup_index_
size_t current_file_size_
FILE * handle_
std::string log_file_name_
size_t max_backup_index_
size_t max_file_size_
ros::NodeHandle node_
ros::Subscriber rosout_sub_

Detailed Description

the rosout node subscribes to /rosout, logs the messages to file, and re-broadcasts the messages to /rosout_agg

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Constructor & Destructor Documentation

Rosout::Rosout ( )

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Member Function Documentation

void Rosout::init ( )

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void Rosout::rosoutCallback ( const rosgraph_msgs::Log::ConstPtr &  msg)

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Member Data Documentation

ros::Publisher Rosout::agg_pub_

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size_t Rosout::current_backup_index_

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size_t Rosout::current_file_size_

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FILE* Rosout::handle_

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std::string Rosout::log_file_name_

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size_t Rosout::max_backup_index_

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size_t Rosout::max_file_size_

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ros::NodeHandle Rosout::node_

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ros::Subscriber Rosout::rosout_sub_

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