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roslint.pycodestyle.StyleGuide Class Reference
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Public Member Functions

def __init__ (self, args, kwargs)
def check_files (self, paths=None)
def excluded (self, filename, parent=None)
def get_checks (self, argument_name)
def ignore_code (self, code)
def init_report (self, reporter=None)
def input_dir (self, dirname)
def input_file (self, filename, lines=None, expected=None, line_offset=0)

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Detailed Description

Initialize a PEP-8 instance with few options.

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Constructor & Destructor Documentation

def roslint.pycodestyle.StyleGuide.__init__ (   self,

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Member Function Documentation

def roslint.pycodestyle.StyleGuide.check_files (   self,
  paths = None 
Run all checks on the paths.

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def roslint.pycodestyle.StyleGuide.excluded (   self,
  parent = None 
Check if the file should be excluded.

Check if 'options.exclude' contains a pattern matching filename.

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def roslint.pycodestyle.StyleGuide.get_checks (   self,
Get all the checks for this category.

Find all globally visible functions where the first argument
name starts with argument_name and which contain selected tests.

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def roslint.pycodestyle.StyleGuide.ignore_code (   self,
Check if the error code should be ignored.

If '' contains a prefix of the error code,
return False.  Else, if 'options.ignore' contains a prefix of
the error code, return True.

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def roslint.pycodestyle.StyleGuide.init_report (   self,
  reporter = None 
Initialize the report instance.

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def roslint.pycodestyle.StyleGuide.input_dir (   self,
Check all files in this directory and all subdirectories.

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def roslint.pycodestyle.StyleGuide.input_file (   self,
  lines = None,
  expected = None,
  line_offset = 0 
Run all checks on a Python source file.

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Member Data Documentation


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