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roslint.cpplint._CppLintState Class Reference
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Public Member Functions

def __init__ (self)
def AddFilters (self, filters)
def BackupFilters (self)
def IncrementErrorCount (self, category)
def PrintErrorCounts (self)
def ResetErrorCounts (self)
def RestoreFilters (self)
def SetCountingStyle (self, counting_style)
def SetFilters (self, filters)
def SetOutputFormat (self, output_format)
def SetQuiet (self, quiet)
def SetVerboseLevel (self, level)

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Detailed Description

Maintains module-wide state..

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Constructor & Destructor Documentation

def roslint.cpplint._CppLintState.__init__ (   self)

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Member Function Documentation

def roslint.cpplint._CppLintState.AddFilters (   self,
Adds more filters to the existing list of error-message filters. 

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def roslint.cpplint._CppLintState.BackupFilters (   self)
Saves the current filter list to backup storage.

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def roslint.cpplint._CppLintState.IncrementErrorCount (   self,
Bumps the module's error statistic.

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def roslint.cpplint._CppLintState.PrintErrorCounts (   self)
Print a summary of errors by category, and the total.

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def roslint.cpplint._CppLintState.ResetErrorCounts (   self)
Sets the module's error statistic back to zero.

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def roslint.cpplint._CppLintState.RestoreFilters (   self)
Restores filters previously backed up.

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def roslint.cpplint._CppLintState.SetCountingStyle (   self,
Sets the module's counting options.

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def roslint.cpplint._CppLintState.SetFilters (   self,
Sets the error-message filters.

These filters are applied when deciding whether to emit a given
error message.

  filters: A string of comma-separated filters (eg "+whitespace/indent").
       Each filter should start with + or -; else we die.

  ValueError: The comma-separated filters did not all start with '+' or '-'.
          E.g. "-,+whitespace,-whitespace/indent,whitespace/badfilter"

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def roslint.cpplint._CppLintState.SetOutputFormat (   self,
Sets the output format for errors.

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def roslint.cpplint._CppLintState.SetQuiet (   self,
Sets the module's quiet settings, and returns the previous setting.

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def roslint.cpplint._CppLintState.SetVerboseLevel (   self,
Sets the module's verbosity, and returns the previous setting.

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