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roslint.cpplint.FileInfo Class Reference
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def __init__ (self, filename)
def BaseName (self)
def Extension (self)
def FullName (self)
def IsSource (self)
def NoExtension (self)
def RepositoryName (self)
def Split (self)

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Detailed Description

Provides utility functions for filenames.

FileInfo provides easy access to the components of a file's path
relative to the project root.

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Constructor & Destructor Documentation

def roslint.cpplint.FileInfo.__init__ (   self,

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Member Function Documentation

def roslint.cpplint.FileInfo.BaseName (   self)
File base name - text after the final slash, before the final period.

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def roslint.cpplint.FileInfo.Extension (   self)
File extension - text following the final period.

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def roslint.cpplint.FileInfo.FullName (   self)
Make Windows paths like Unix.

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def roslint.cpplint.FileInfo.IsSource (   self)
File has a source file extension.

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def roslint.cpplint.FileInfo.NoExtension (   self)
File has no source file extension.

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def roslint.cpplint.FileInfo.RepositoryName (   self)
FullName after removing the local path to the repository.

If we have a real absolute path name here we can try to do something smart:
detecting the root of the checkout and truncating /path/to/checkout from
the name so that we get header guards that don't include things like
"C:\Documents and Settings\..." or "/home/username/..." in them and thus
people on different computers who have checked the source out to different
locations won't see bogus errors.

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def roslint.cpplint.FileInfo.Split (   self)
Splits the file into the directory, basename, and extension.

For 'chrome/browser/', Split() would
return ('chrome/browser', 'browser', '.cc')

  A tuple of (directory, basename, extension).

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