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usbd_msc_scsi.c File Reference

This file provides all the USBD SCSI layer functions. More...

#include "usbd_msc_bot.h"
#include "usbd_msc_scsi.h"
#include "usbd_msc_mem.h"
#include "usbd_msc_data.h"
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#define UNUSED(x)   (void)(x)


static int8_t SCSI_CheckAddressRange (uint8_t lun, uint32_t blk_offset, uint16_t blk_nbr)
 SCSI_CheckAddressRange Check address range. More...
static int8_t SCSI_Inquiry (uint8_t lun, uint8_t *params)
 SCSI_Inquiry Process Inquiry command. More...
static int8_t SCSI_ModeSense10 (uint8_t lun, uint8_t *params)
 SCSI_ModeSense10 Process Mode Sense10 command. More...
static int8_t SCSI_ModeSense6 (uint8_t lun, uint8_t *params)
 SCSI_ModeSense6 Process Mode Sense6 command. More...
int8_t SCSI_ProcessCmd (USB_OTG_CORE_HANDLE *pdev, uint8_t lun, uint8_t *params)
 SCSI_ProcessCmd Process SCSI commands. More...
static int8_t SCSI_ProcessRead (uint8_t lun)
 SCSI_ProcessRead Handle Read Process. More...
static int8_t SCSI_ProcessWrite (uint8_t lun)
 SCSI_ProcessWrite Handle Write Process. More...
static int8_t SCSI_Read10 (uint8_t lun, uint8_t *params)
 SCSI_Read10 Process Read10 command. More...
static int8_t SCSI_ReadCapacity10 (uint8_t lun, uint8_t *params)
 SCSI_ReadCapacity10 Process Read Capacity 10 command. More...
static int8_t SCSI_ReadFormatCapacity (uint8_t lun, uint8_t *params)
 SCSI_ReadFormatCapacity Process Read Format Capacity command. More...
static int8_t SCSI_RequestSense (uint8_t lun, uint8_t *params)
 SCSI_RequestSense Process Request Sense command. More...
void SCSI_SenseCode (uint8_t lun, uint8_t sKey, uint8_t ASC)
 SCSI_SenseCode Load the last error code in the error list. More...
static int8_t SCSI_StartStopUnit (uint8_t lun, uint8_t *params)
 SCSI_StartStopUnit Process Start Stop Unit command. More...
static int8_t SCSI_TestUnitReady (uint8_t lun, uint8_t *params)
 SCSI_TestUnitReady Process SCSI Test Unit Ready Command. More...
static int8_t SCSI_Verify10 (uint8_t lun, uint8_t *params)
 SCSI_Verify10 Process Verify10 command. More...
static int8_t SCSI_Write10 (uint8_t lun, uint8_t *params)
 SCSI_Write10 Process Write10 command. More...


uint32_t SCSI_blk_addr
uint32_t SCSI_blk_len
uint32_t SCSI_blk_nbr
uint32_t SCSI_blk_size
uint8_t SCSI_Sense_Head
uint8_t SCSI_Sense_Tail

Detailed Description

This file provides all the USBD SCSI layer functions.

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#define UNUSED (   x)    (void)(x)

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