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ADC_InjectedInitTypeDef Struct Reference

ADC Init structure definition. More...

#include <stm32f30x_adc.h>

Public Attributes

uint32_t ADC_ExternalTrigInjecConvEvent
uint32_t ADC_ExternalTrigInjecEventEdge
uint32_t ADC_InjecSequence1
uint32_t ADC_InjecSequence2
uint32_t ADC_InjecSequence3
uint32_t ADC_InjecSequence4
uint8_t ADC_NbrOfInjecChannel

Detailed Description

ADC Init structure definition.

Definition at line 85 of file stm32f30x_adc.h.

Member Data Documentation

uint32_t ADC_InjectedInitTypeDef::ADC_ExternalTrigInjecConvEvent

Defines the external trigger used to start the analog to digital conversion of injected channels. This parameter can be a value of ADC_external_trigger_sources_for_Injected_channels_conversion

Definition at line 88 of file stm32f30x_adc.h.

uint32_t ADC_InjectedInitTypeDef::ADC_ExternalTrigInjecEventEdge

Select the external trigger edge and enable the trigger of an injected group. This parameter can be a value of ADC_external_trigger_edge_for_Injected_channels_conversion

Definition at line 91 of file stm32f30x_adc.h.

uint32_t ADC_InjectedInitTypeDef::ADC_InjecSequence1

Definition at line 97 of file stm32f30x_adc.h.

uint32_t ADC_InjectedInitTypeDef::ADC_InjecSequence2

Definition at line 98 of file stm32f30x_adc.h.

uint32_t ADC_InjectedInitTypeDef::ADC_InjecSequence3

Definition at line 99 of file stm32f30x_adc.h.

uint32_t ADC_InjectedInitTypeDef::ADC_InjecSequence4

Definition at line 100 of file stm32f30x_adc.h.

uint8_t ADC_InjectedInitTypeDef::ADC_NbrOfInjecChannel

Specifies the number of ADC channels that will be converted using the sequencer for injected channel group. This parameter must range from 1 to 4.

Definition at line 94 of file stm32f30x_adc.h.

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