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rosflight_firmware::nanoprintf Namespace Reference


typedef void(* putcf) (void *, char)


static int a2d (char ch)
static char a2i (char ch, char **src, int base, int *nump)
static void i2a (int num, char *bf)
void init_printf (void *putp, void(*putf)(void *, char))
static void putchw (void *putp, putcf putf, int n, char z, char *bf)
static void putcp (void *p, char c)
void tfp_format (void *putp, void(*putf)(void *, char), const char *fmt, va_list va)
void tfp_printf (const char *fmt,...)
void tfp_sprintf (char *s, const char *fmt, va_list va)
static void ui2a (unsigned int num, unsigned int base, int uc, char *bf)


static putcf stdout_putf
static void * stdout_putp

Typedef Documentation

typedef void(* rosflight_firmware::nanoprintf::putcf) (void *, char)

Definition at line 38 of file nanoprintf.cpp.

Function Documentation

static int rosflight_firmware::nanoprintf::a2d ( char  ch)

Definition at line 108 of file nanoprintf.cpp.

static char rosflight_firmware::nanoprintf::a2i ( char  ch,
char **  src,
int  base,
int *  nump 

Definition at line 120 of file nanoprintf.cpp.

static void rosflight_firmware::nanoprintf::i2a ( int  num,
char *  bf 

Definition at line 98 of file nanoprintf.cpp.

void rosflight_firmware::nanoprintf::init_printf ( void *  putp,
void(*)(void *, char)  putf 

Definition at line 233 of file nanoprintf.cpp.

static void rosflight_firmware::nanoprintf::putchw ( void *  putp,
putcf  putf,
int  n,
char  z,
char *  bf 

Definition at line 137 of file nanoprintf.cpp.

static void rosflight_firmware::nanoprintf::putcp ( void *  p,
char  c 

Definition at line 247 of file nanoprintf.cpp.

void rosflight_firmware::nanoprintf::tfp_format ( void *  putp,
void(*)(void *, char)  putf,
const char *  fmt,
va_list  va 

Definition at line 147 of file nanoprintf.cpp.

void rosflight_firmware::nanoprintf::tfp_printf ( const char *  fmt,

Definition at line 239 of file nanoprintf.cpp.

void rosflight_firmware::nanoprintf::tfp_sprintf ( char *  s,
const char *  fmt,
va_list  va 

Definition at line 252 of file nanoprintf.cpp.

static void rosflight_firmware::nanoprintf::ui2a ( unsigned int  num,
unsigned int  base,
int  uc,
char *  bf 

Definition at line 75 of file nanoprintf.cpp.

Variable Documentation

putcf rosflight_firmware::nanoprintf::stdout_putf

Definition at line 39 of file nanoprintf.cpp.

void* rosflight_firmware::nanoprintf::stdout_putp

Definition at line 40 of file nanoprintf.cpp.

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