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mb1242.h File Reference
#include "i2c.h"
#include <cstdint>
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class  I2CSonar


#define MB1242_DEFAULT_ADDRESS   112
#define MB1242_DEFAULT_REGISTER   0xFF
#define MB1242_PING_COMMAND   81
#define MB1242_UPDATE_WAIT_MILLIS   50

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#define MB1242_DEFAULT_ADDRESS   112

Definition at line 45 of file mb1242.h.

#define MB1242_DEFAULT_REGISTER   0xFF

Definition at line 46 of file mb1242.h.

#define MB1242_PING_COMMAND   81

Definition at line 47 of file mb1242.h.

#define MB1242_UPDATE_WAIT_MILLIS   50

Definition at line 52 of file mb1242.h.

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