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#define PLL_M   8
#define PLL_N   336
#define PLL_P   2
#define PLL_Q   7
#define VECT_TAB_OFFSET   0x00

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#define PLL_M   8

Definition at line 148 of file system_stm32f4xx.c.

#define PLL_N   336

Definition at line 149 of file system_stm32f4xx.c.

#define PLL_P   2

Definition at line 152 of file system_stm32f4xx.c.

#define PLL_Q   7

Definition at line 155 of file system_stm32f4xx.c.

#define VECT_TAB_OFFSET   0x00

< Uncomment the following line if you need to use external SRAM mounted on STM324xG_EVAL board as data memory

< Uncomment the following line if you need to relocate your vector Table in Internal SRAM. Vector Table base offset field. This value must be a multiple of 0x200.

Definition at line 142 of file system_stm32f4xx.c.

Author(s): Daniel Koch , James Jackson
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