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#define IS_RTC_TAMPER(TAMPER)   (((TAMPER) == RTC_Tamper_1))
#define IS_RTC_TAMPER(TAMPER)   ((((TAMPER) & (uint32_t)0xFFFFFFD6) == 0x00) && ((TAMPER) != (uint32_t)RESET))
#define RTC_Tamper_1   RTC_TAFCR_TAMP1E
#define RTC_Tamper_1   RTC_TAFCR_TAMP1E
#define RTC_Tamper_2   RTC_TAFCR_TAMP2E
#define RTC_Tamper_3   RTC_TAFCR_TAMP3E

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#define IS_RTC_TAMPER (   TAMPER)    (((TAMPER) == RTC_Tamper_1))

Definition at line 633 of file stm32f4xx_rtc.h.

#define IS_RTC_TAMPER (   TAMPER)    ((((TAMPER) & (uint32_t)0xFFFFFFD6) == 0x00) && ((TAMPER) != (uint32_t)RESET))

Definition at line 641 of file stm32f30x_rtc.h.

#define RTC_Tamper_1   RTC_TAFCR_TAMP1E

Definition at line 632 of file stm32f4xx_rtc.h.

#define RTC_Tamper_1   RTC_TAFCR_TAMP1E

Tamper detection enable for input tamper 1

Definition at line 631 of file stm32f30x_rtc.h.

#define RTC_Tamper_2   RTC_TAFCR_TAMP2E

Tamper detection enable for input tamper 2

Definition at line 634 of file stm32f30x_rtc.h.

#define RTC_Tamper_3   RTC_TAFCR_TAMP3E

Tamper detection enable for input tamper 3

Definition at line 637 of file stm32f30x_rtc.h.

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