Output pin Configuration function. More...

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void RTC_OutputConfig (uint32_t RTC_Output, uint32_t RTC_OutputPolarity)
 Configures the RTC output source (AFO_ALARM). More...

Detailed Description

Output pin Configuration function.

                 ##### Output pin Configuration function #####

 [..] This section provide functions allowing to configure the RTC Output source.

Function Documentation

void RTC_OutputConfig ( uint32_t  RTC_Output,
uint32_t  RTC_OutputPolarity 

Configures the RTC output source (AFO_ALARM).

RTC_OutputSpecifies which signal will be routed to the RTC output. This parameter can be one of the following values:
  • RTC_Output_Disable: No output selected
  • RTC_Output_AlarmA: signal of AlarmA mapped to output
  • RTC_Output_AlarmB: signal of AlarmB mapped to output
  • RTC_Output_WakeUp: signal of WakeUp mapped to output
RTC_OutputPolaritySpecifies the polarity of the output signal. This parameter can be one of the following:
  • RTC_OutputPolarity_High: The output pin is high when the ALRAF/ALRBF/WUTF is high (depending on OSEL)
  • RTC_OutputPolarity_Low: The output pin is low when the ALRAF/ALRBF/WUTF is high (depending on OSEL)
Return values

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