Constants defining the state of a timer output. More...

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#define HRTIM_OUTPUTSTATE_FAULT   (uint32_t)0x00000003
#define HRTIM_OUTPUTSTATE_IDLE   (uint32_t)0x00000001
#define HRTIM_OUTPUTSTATE_RUN   (uint32_t)0x00000002

Detailed Description

Constants defining the state of a timer output.

Macro Definition Documentation

#define HRTIM_OUTPUTSTATE_FAULT   (uint32_t)0x00000003

Safety state, entered in case of a shut-down request on FAULTx inputs

Definition at line 2160 of file stm32f30x_hrtim.h.

#define HRTIM_OUTPUTSTATE_IDLE   (uint32_t)0x00000001

Main operating mode, where the output can take the active or inactive level as programmed in the crossbar unit

Definition at line 2154 of file stm32f30x_hrtim.h.

#define HRTIM_OUTPUTSTATE_RUN   (uint32_t)0x00000002

Default operating state (e.g. after an HRTIM reset, when the outputs are disabled by software or during a burst mode operation

Definition at line 2157 of file stm32f30x_hrtim.h.

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