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MPU6000 Class Reference

#include <mpu6000.h>

Public Member Functions

void data_transfer_callback ()
void exti_cb ()
void init (SPI *spi_drv)
bool is_initialized ()
bool new_data ()
void read (float *accel_data, float *gyro_data, float *temp_data, uint64_t *time_us)

Private Member Functions

void write (uint8_t reg, uint8_t data)

Private Attributes

float acc_ [3]
float accel_scale_
GPIO cs_
GPIO exti_
float gyro_ [3]
float gyro_scale_
uint64_t imu_timestamp_ = 0
bool new_data_ = false
SPIspi {nullptr}
float temp_

Detailed Description

Definition at line 160 of file mpu6000.h.

Member Function Documentation

void MPU6000::data_transfer_callback ( )

Definition at line 104 of file mpu6000.cpp.

void MPU6000::exti_cb ( )

Definition at line 130 of file mpu6000.cpp.

void MPU6000::init ( SPI spi_drv)

Definition at line 52 of file mpu6000.cpp.

bool MPU6000::is_initialized ( )

Definition at line 169 of file mpu6000.h.

bool MPU6000::new_data ( )

Definition at line 137 of file mpu6000.cpp.

void MPU6000::read ( float *  accel_data,
float *  gyro_data,
float *  temp_data,
uint64_t *  time_us 

Definition at line 118 of file mpu6000.cpp.

void MPU6000::write ( uint8_t  reg,
uint8_t  data 

Definition at line 43 of file mpu6000.cpp.

Member Data Documentation

float MPU6000::acc_[3]

Definition at line 180 of file mpu6000.h.

float MPU6000::accel_scale_

Definition at line 178 of file mpu6000.h.

GPIO MPU6000::cs_

Definition at line 177 of file mpu6000.h.

GPIO MPU6000::exti_

Definition at line 176 of file mpu6000.h.

float MPU6000::gyro_[3]

Definition at line 181 of file mpu6000.h.

float MPU6000::gyro_scale_

Definition at line 179 of file mpu6000.h.

uint64_t MPU6000::imu_timestamp_ = 0

Definition at line 174 of file mpu6000.h.

bool MPU6000::new_data_ = false

Definition at line 173 of file mpu6000.h.

SPI* MPU6000::spi {nullptr}

Definition at line 175 of file mpu6000.h.

float MPU6000::temp_

Definition at line 182 of file mpu6000.h.

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