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 find_devices.cppDetect the presence of FTDI devices
 flasher.cppFlash ftdi chip's serial number with 'roch_' prefix
 ftdi_read_eeprom.cppReads a chip and saves the result as an eeprom binary file
 ftdi_roch.cppWrite an id string to the requested ftdi device
 ftdi_scan.cppScan existing ftdi chips and print out their serial id strings
 ftdi_write_eeprom.cppReads an eeprom binary saved as a file and write this to the chip. Use this to rewrite good eeprom binaries (or our saved eeproms/eeprom.original) when you've mangled one
 get_serial_number.cppPrint serial number of all the FTDI devices connected. With name of manufacture and product
 overwrite_serial_number.cppOverwrite serial number of ftdi device
 reset_device.cppReset the all FTDI devices connected to load it again as standard tty device. After the flashing serial number
 scanner.hppScan the usb devices, and retrieve its serial id and else descriptions, especially for ftdi devices
 unflasher.cppFlash ftdi chip's serial number with 'roch_' prefix
 writer.hppProvides common modulde for wrting serial number and other data into the eeprom of ftdi chip

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