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 CForceIPClass for sending GigE Vision FORCEIP_CMD to camera
 CGigERequestCounterA class wrapping a thread safe request counter
 CNetworkUnreachableExceptionException representing a Network Unreachable error (code 101 on Unix)
 COperationNotPermittedException representing an "operation not permitted" error
 CSocketCRTP class for platform specific socket implementation
 CSocketExceptionException representing an invalid socket operation
 CSocketLinuxSocket implementation for Linux
 CWOLClass for Magic Packet (Wake-on-Lan (WOL)) reset of device
 CWOLExceptionException representing an error during Magic Packet sending
 CAboutDialogAbout dialog
 CDiscoverFrameMain window in which the table of discovered devices is displayed
 CDiscoverThreadThread in which the discovery of devices is run
 CForceIpDialogDialog for sending FORCEIP_CMD to camera
 CMinFittingType< 1 >
 CMinFittingType< 2 >
 CMinFittingType< 3 >
 CMinFittingType< 4 >
 CMinFittingType< 5 >
 CMinFittingType< 6 >
 CMinFittingType< 7 >
 CMinFittingType< 8 >
 CReconnectDialogDialog for sending FORCEIP_CMD with IP set to 0 to camera
 CResetDialogDialog for Magic Packets reset of rc_visard
 CSensorCommandDialogBase class for dialogs for sending commands to a camera

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