ProAut Radar package


This package was designed to read messages from the Bosch GPR V1.0 radar using a PEAK-USB converter. This package is not about handling low-level can communication. Therefore it is assumed, that socketcan_bridge_node is already running.

The data from the sensor is published onto 'radar_messages' topic. Additionally, the measurements for each single target are republished as 'can_messages_A' and 'can_messages_B' respectively. For more details see Node radar_pa_node.

Moreover, it is possible to republish the data through a standard pointcloud on 'radar_pcd'. Please refer to Node radar2pcd_pa_node.

Node radar_pa_node

rosrun radar_pa radar_pa_node

Input and Output Topics:

Topic Name Type Description
"received_messages" can_msgs/Frame input from socketcan_bridge_node
"radar_messages" radar_pa_msgs/radar_msg output

Node radar2pcd_pa_node

rosrun radar_pa radar2pcd_pa_node

Input and Output Topics:

Topic Name Type Description
"radar_messages" radar_pa_msgs/radar_msg input from Node radar_pa_node
"radar_pcd" sensor_msgs/PointCloud output

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