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qt_gui.plugin_provider.PluginProvider Class Reference
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def __init__ (self)
def discover (self, discovery_data)
def load (self, plugin_id, plugin_context)
def shutdown (self)
def unload (self, plugin_instance)

Detailed Description

Interface for discovering, loading and unloading of plugins.

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Constructor & Destructor Documentation

def qt_gui.plugin_provider.PluginProvider.__init__ (   self)

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Member Function Documentation

def (   self,
Discover the plugins.

@param discovery_data:
    The settings containing any discovery data which is cached between invocations
@return: Dictionary of plugin ids to `PluginDescriptor`s

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def qt_gui.plugin_provider.PluginProvider.load (   self,
Load a plugin and pass the `PluginContext`.

@return: The created plugin instance
@raise PluginLoadError

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def qt_gui.plugin_provider.PluginProvider.shutdown (   self)
Notify of shutdown.

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def qt_gui.plugin_provider.PluginProvider.unload (   self,
Unload a plugin.

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