Package node_manager_fkie :: Module node_tree_model :: Class CellItem
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Class CellItem

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Item for a cell. References to a node item.

Nested Classes

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Instance Methods
__init__(self, name, item=None, parent=None)
Initialize the CellItem object with given values.
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Class Variables
  ITEM_TYPE = 297

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str name
The name of this group.

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Method Details

__init__(self, name, item=None, parent=None)

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Initialize the CellItem object with given values.

  • name (str) - the name of the group
  • parent (QtGui.QStandardItem) - the parent item. In most cases this is the HostItem. The variable is used to determine the different columns of the NodeItem.
Overrides: object.__init__

Property Details


The name of this group.

Get Method: - The name of this group.