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test_hironx_derivedmethods_rostest.TestHironxDerivedmethodsFromHrpsys Class Reference
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Public Member Functions

def setUpClass (self)
def tearDownClass (cls)
def test_getCurrentPose (self)
def test_getCurrentPosition (self)
def test_getCurrentRotation (self)
def test_getCurrentRPY (self)
def test_getJointAngles (self)
def test_setJointAngle_beyond_pi (self)
def test_setJointAngle_within_pi (self)

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Detailed Description

Test the derived methods of hrpsys_config.HrpsysConfigurator that are
overridden in hironx_client.HIRONX.

So far this test can be run by:

    $ rosrun nextage_ros_bridge

#TODO: rostest (ie. boot from .launch file) not passing with this script
#      for some reasons. Unless this test requires other nodes running,
#      we might not need to run this from .launch?

#TODO: Merge with the existing unittest scripts in hironx_ros_bridge/test

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Member Function Documentation

def test_hironx_derivedmethods_rostest.TestHironxDerivedmethodsFromHrpsys.setUpClass (   self)

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def test_hironx_derivedmethods_rostest.TestHironxDerivedmethodsFromHrpsys.tearDownClass (   cls)

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def test_hironx_derivedmethods_rostest.TestHironxDerivedmethodsFromHrpsys.test_getCurrentPose (   self)

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def test_hironx_derivedmethods_rostest.TestHironxDerivedmethodsFromHrpsys.test_getCurrentPosition (   self)

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def test_hironx_derivedmethods_rostest.TestHironxDerivedmethodsFromHrpsys.test_getCurrentRotation (   self)

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def test_hironx_derivedmethods_rostest.TestHironxDerivedmethodsFromHrpsys.test_getCurrentRPY (   self)

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def test_hironx_derivedmethods_rostest.TestHironxDerivedmethodsFromHrpsys.test_getJointAngles (   self)

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def test_hironx_derivedmethods_rostest.TestHironxDerivedmethodsFromHrpsys.test_setJointAngle_beyond_pi (   self)

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def test_hironx_derivedmethods_rostest.TestHironxDerivedmethodsFromHrpsys.test_setJointAngle_within_pi (   self)

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