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test_handlight.TestNxoHandlight Class Reference
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Public Member Functions

def setUpClass (cls)
def tearDownClass (cls)
def test_handlight_both_04 (self)
def test_handlight_both_05 (self)
def test_handlight_l_04 (self)
def test_handlight_l_05 (self)
def test_handlight_r_04 (self)
def test_handlight_r_05 (self)

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Detailed Description

Test NextageClient with rostest. This does NOT test hardware (i.e. if DIO
is connected and functioning); instead, this only verifies if the
software works as to the given hardware spec.

For tests involving hardware, follow

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Member Function Documentation

def test_handlight.TestNxoHandlight.setUpClass (   cls)

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def test_handlight.TestNxoHandlight.tearDownClass (   cls)

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def test_handlight.TestNxoHandlight.test_handlight_both_04 (   self)

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def test_handlight.TestNxoHandlight.test_handlight_both_05 (   self)
Testing software version 0.5 or newer

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def test_handlight.TestNxoHandlight.test_handlight_l_04 (   self)

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def test_handlight.TestNxoHandlight.test_handlight_l_05 (   self)
Testing software version 0.5 or newer

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def test_handlight.TestNxoHandlight.test_handlight_r_04 (   self)

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def test_handlight.TestNxoHandlight.test_handlight_r_05 (   self)
Testing software version 0.5 or newer

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