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mm_messages Namespace Reference


struct  FailedToFindMessageSpecialisation
struct  InvalidIDTypeCombination
struct  Message
 Template parent and default pass-through encoding/decoding. More...
struct  Message< PacketHeader >
struct  Message< SubPacketHeader >
struct  MessageRegistrationFailed
class  MessageRegistry
struct  PacketHeader
class  Publisher
 Template parent class for specific publishers. More...
struct  RegistryEntry
 Library instantiable variable for registration purposes. More...
struct  SubPacketHeader
struct  UnregisteredID
struct  Verbosity


typedef std::vector< unsigned char > ByteArray
typedef ecl::Stencil< ByteArrayByteStencil
typedef ecl::Stencil< const unsigned char * > ConstRawByteStencil
typedef ecl::Stencil< unsigned char * > RawByteStencil

Typedef Documentation

typedef std::vector<unsigned char> mm_messages::ByteArray

Definition at line 29 of file message.hpp.

Definition at line 30 of file message.hpp.

typedef ecl::Stencil<const unsigned char*> mm_messages::ConstRawByteStencil

Definition at line 32 of file message.hpp.

typedef ecl::Stencil<unsigned char*> mm_messages::RawByteStencil

Definition at line 31 of file message.hpp.

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