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mavlink::Message Struct Referenceabstract

#include <message.hpp>


struct  Info

Public Member Functions

virtual void deserialize (MsgMap &msp)=0
virtual Info get_message_info (void) const =0
virtual std::string get_name (void) const =0
virtual void serialize (MsgMap &map) const =0
virtual std::string to_yaml (void) const =0

Static Public Attributes

static constexpr uint8_t CRC_EXTRA = 0
static constexpr size_t LENGTH = 0
static constexpr size_t MIN_LENGTH = 0
static constexpr msgid_t MSG_ID = UINT32_MAX
static constexpr auto NAME = "BASE"

Detailed Description

MAVLink Message base class.

Definition at line 45 of file message.hpp.

Member Function Documentation

virtual void mavlink::Message::deserialize ( MsgMap msp)
pure virtual

Deserialize message.

virtual Info mavlink::Message::get_message_info ( void  ) const
pure virtual

Get info needed for mavlink_finalize_message_xxx()

virtual std::string mavlink::Message::get_name ( void  ) const
pure virtual

Get NAME constant. Helper for overloaded class access.

virtual void mavlink::Message::serialize ( MsgMap map) const
pure virtual

Serialize message.

virtual std::string mavlink::Message::to_yaml ( void  ) const
pure virtual

Make YAML-string from message content.

Member Data Documentation

constexpr uint8_t mavlink::Message::CRC_EXTRA = 0

Definition at line 49 of file message.hpp.

constexpr size_t mavlink::Message::LENGTH = 0

Definition at line 47 of file message.hpp.

constexpr size_t mavlink::Message::MIN_LENGTH = 0

Definition at line 48 of file message.hpp.

constexpr msgid_t mavlink::Message::MSG_ID = UINT32_MAX

Definition at line 46 of file message.hpp.

constexpr auto mavlink::Message::NAME = "BASE"

Definition at line 50 of file message.hpp.

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