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constants.h File Reference
#include <string>
#include <stdint.h>
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static const std::string rosbag::CALLERID_FIELD_NAME = "callerid"
static const std::string rosbag::CHUNK_COUNT_FIELD_NAME = "chunk_count"
static const uint32_t rosbag::CHUNK_INFO_VERSION = 1
static const std::string rosbag::CHUNK_POS_FIELD_NAME = "chunk_pos"
static const std::string rosbag::COMPRESSION_BZ2 = "bz2"
static const std::string rosbag::COMPRESSION_FIELD_NAME = "compression"
static const std::string rosbag::COMPRESSION_LZ4 = "lz4"
static const std::string rosbag::COMPRESSION_NONE = "none"
static const std::string rosbag::CONNECTION_COUNT_FIELD_NAME = "conn_count"
static const std::string rosbag::CONNECTION_FIELD_NAME = "conn"
static const std::string rosbag::COUNT_FIELD_NAME = "count"
static const std::string rosbag::DEF_FIELD_NAME = "def"
static const std::string rosbag::END_TIME_FIELD_NAME = "end_time"
static const unsigned char rosbag::FIELD_DELIM = '='
static const uint32_t rosbag::FILE_HEADER_LENGTH = 4 * 1024
static const std::string rosbag::INDEX_POS_FIELD_NAME = "index_pos"
static const uint32_t rosbag::INDEX_VERSION = 1
static const std::string rosbag::LATCHING_FIELD_NAME = "latching"
static const std::string rosbag::MD5_FIELD_NAME = "md5"
static const std::string rosbag::NSEC_FIELD_NAME = "nsec"
static const unsigned char rosbag::OP_CHUNK = 0x05
static const unsigned char rosbag::OP_CHUNK_INFO = 0x06
static const unsigned char rosbag::OP_CONNECTION = 0x07
static const std::string rosbag::OP_FIELD_NAME = "op"
static const unsigned char rosbag::OP_FILE_HEADER = 0x03
static const unsigned char rosbag::OP_INDEX_DATA = 0x04
static const unsigned char rosbag::OP_MSG_DATA = 0x02
static const unsigned char rosbag::OP_MSG_DEF = 0x01
static const std::string rosbag::SEC_FIELD_NAME = "sec"
static const std::string rosbag::SIZE_FIELD_NAME = "size"
static const std::string rosbag::START_TIME_FIELD_NAME = "start_time"
static const std::string rosbag::TIME_FIELD_NAME = "time"
static const std::string rosbag::TOPIC_FIELD_NAME = "topic"
static const std::string rosbag::TYPE_FIELD_NAME = "type"
static const std::string rosbag::VER_FIELD_NAME = "ver"
static const std::string rosbag::VERSION = "2.0"

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