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unit-tests-live-f200.cpp File Reference
#include "catch/catch.hpp"
#include "unit-tests-common.h"
#include <sstream>
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 REQUIRE (rs_get_device_count(ctx, require_no_error())==1)
 REQUIRE (dev!=nullptr)
 REQUIRE (rs_get_device_name(dev, require_no_error())==std::string("Intel RealSense F200"))
 TEST_CASE ("F200 metadata enumerates correctly","[live] [f200]")
 TEST_CASE ("F200 devices support all required options","[live] [f200]")
 TEST_CASE ("F200 device extrinsics are within expected parameters","[live] [f200]")
void test_f200_streaming (rs_device *device, std::initializer_list< stream_mode > modes)


rs_devicedev = rs_get_device(ctx, 0, require_no_error())

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Definition at line 10 of file unit-tests-live-f200.cpp.

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REQUIRE ( rs_get_device_count(ctx, require_no_error())  = =1)
REQUIRE ( dev!  = nullptr)
REQUIRE ( rs_get_device_name(dev, require_no_error())  = =std::string("Intel RealSense F200"))
TEST_CASE ( "F200 metadata enumerates correctly"  ,
" "  [live][f200] 

Definition at line 37 of file unit-tests-live-f200.cpp.

TEST_CASE ( "F200 devices support all required options"  ,
" "  [live][f200] 

Definition at line 58 of file unit-tests-live-f200.cpp.

TEST_CASE ( "F200 device extrinsics are within expected parameters"  ,
" "  [live][f200] 

Definition at line 113 of file unit-tests-live-f200.cpp.

void test_f200_streaming ( rs_device device,
std::initializer_list< stream_mode modes 

Definition at line 18 of file unit-tests-live-f200.cpp.

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Definition at line 151 of file unit-tests-live-f200.cpp.

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