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freenect_frame_mode Struct Reference

#include <libfreenect.h>

Public Attributes

union {
   freenect_depth_format   depth_format
   int32_t   dummy
   freenect_video_format   video_format
int32_t bytes
int8_t data_bits_per_pixel
int8_t framerate
int16_t height
int8_t is_valid
int8_t padding_bits_per_pixel
uint32_t reserved
freenect_resolution resolution
int16_t width

Detailed Description

Structure to give information about the width, height, bitrate, framerate, and buffer size of a frame in a particular mode, as well as the total number of bytes needed to hold a single frame.

Definition at line 129 of file libfreenect.h.

Member Data Documentation

union { ... }

The video or depth format that this freenect_frame_mode describes. The caller should know which of video_format or depth_format to use, since they called freenect_get_*_frame_mode()

int32_t freenect_frame_mode::bytes

Total buffer size in bytes to hold a single frame of data. Should be equivalent to width * height * (data_bits_per_pixel+padding_bits_per_pixel) / 8

Definition at line 137 of file libfreenect.h.

int8_t freenect_frame_mode::data_bits_per_pixel

Number of bits of information needed for each pixel

Definition at line 140 of file libfreenect.h.

freenect_depth_format freenect_frame_mode::depth_format

Definition at line 135 of file libfreenect.h.

int32_t freenect_frame_mode::dummy

Definition at line 133 of file libfreenect.h.

int8_t freenect_frame_mode::framerate

Approximate expected frame rate, in Hz

Definition at line 142 of file libfreenect.h.

int16_t freenect_frame_mode::height

Height of the frame, in pixels

Definition at line 139 of file libfreenect.h.

int8_t freenect_frame_mode::is_valid

If 0, this freenect_frame_mode is invalid and does not describe a supported mode. Otherwise, the frame_mode is valid.

Definition at line 143 of file libfreenect.h.

int8_t freenect_frame_mode::padding_bits_per_pixel

Number of bits of padding for alignment used for each pixel

Definition at line 141 of file libfreenect.h.

uint32_t freenect_frame_mode::reserved

unique ID used internally. The meaning of values may change without notice. Don't touch or depend on the contents of this field. We mean it.

Definition at line 130 of file libfreenect.h.

freenect_resolution freenect_frame_mode::resolution

Resolution this freenect_frame_mode describes, should you want to find it again with freenect_find_*_frame_mode().

Definition at line 131 of file libfreenect.h.

freenect_video_format freenect_frame_mode::video_format

Definition at line 134 of file libfreenect.h.

int16_t freenect_frame_mode::width

Width of the frame, in pixels

Definition at line 138 of file libfreenect.h.

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