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control_tools.h File Reference

Contains helper functions for writing control loops. More...

#include <array>
#include <cmath>
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bool franka::hasRealtimeKernel ()
 Determines whether the current OS kernel is a realtime kernel. More...
bool franka::isHomogeneousTransformation (const std::array< double, 16 > &transform) noexcept
 Determines whether the given array represents a valid homogeneous transformation matrix. More...
bool franka::isValidElbow (const std::array< double, 2 > &elbow) noexcept
 Determines whether the given elbow configuration is valid or not. More...
bool franka::setCurrentThreadToHighestSchedulerPriority (std::string *error_message)
 Sets the current thread to the highest possible scheduler priority. More...

Detailed Description

Contains helper functions for writing control loops.

Definition in file control_tools.h.

Author(s): Franka Emika GmbH
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