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test_hironx_fullbody.TestHiroFullbody Class Reference
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Public Member Functions

def fullbody_init (self)
def test_collision_detector_disabled (self)
def test_fullbody_setJointAngles_Clear (self)
def test_fullbody_setJointAngles_minus (self)
def test_fullbody_setJointAngles_NoWait (self)
def test_fullbody_setJointAngles_Wait (self)
- Public Member Functions inherited from test_hironx.TestHiro
def assertTrue (self, a)
def check_acceleration (self, name)
def check_log_data (self, data, idx, tm_data, min_data, max_data, acc_thre=0.06, tm_thre=0.1)
def check_q_data (self, name)
def load_log_data (self, name)
def set_joint_angles_no_wait_test (self)
def setUpClass (cls)
def tearDownClass (cls)
def write_all_joint_pdf (self, name, pdf_name)
def write_d_dd_data (self, name)
def write_output_to_pdf (self, name)

Public Attributes

- Public Attributes inherited from test_hironx.TestHiro

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Member Function Documentation

def test_hironx_fullbody.TestHiroFullbody.fullbody_init (   self)

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def test_hironx_fullbody.TestHiroFullbody.test_collision_detector_disabled (   self)

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def test_hironx_fullbody.TestHiroFullbody.test_fullbody_setJointAngles_Clear (   self)

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def test_hironx_fullbody.TestHiroFullbody.test_fullbody_setJointAngles_minus (   self)

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def test_hironx_fullbody.TestHiroFullbody.test_fullbody_setJointAngles_NoWait (   self)

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def test_hironx_fullbody.TestHiroFullbody.test_fullbody_setJointAngles_Wait (   self)

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