generic_control_toolbox.manage_actionlib Namespace Reference


def monitor_action_goal (action_server, action_client, action_goal, action_name="current action", time_limit=float("inf"), abort_on_fail=False)

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def generic_control_toolbox.manage_actionlib.monitor_action_goal (   action_server,
  action_name = "current action",
  time_limit = float("inf"),
  abort_on_fail = False 
Send and monitor an action goal to a given action client.

   The monitor will return in case of the client reporting success, preemption or
   abortion, and will also pass through any incoming preemptions to the action server.

   @param action_server Action server that is calling the action client. If the action server is preempted, this is passed to the action client.
   @param action_client The action client that is called by the action server. If the action server is preempted, the goal sent to this client is preempted as well.
   @param action_goal The action goal to be sent to the action client.
   @param action_name Optional name for the action. Will be displayed in the logs.
   @param time_limit An optional time limit for the action. If exceeded, the action client is preempted

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