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generic_control_toolbox::JointPositionIntegrator Class Reference

#include <joint_position_integrator.hpp>

Public Member Functions

 JointPositionIntegrator (ros::NodeHandle &nh)
void reset ()
KDL::JntArray update (const KDL::JntArray &q_dot, const KDL::JntArray &q, float dt)
Eigen::VectorXd update (const Eigen::VectorXd &q_dot, const Eigen::VectorXd &q, float dt)
 ~JointPositionIntegrator ()

Private Member Functions

bool init ()

Private Attributes

bool got_state_
float max_joint_error_
ros::NodeHandle nh_
KDL::JntArray virt_q_

Detailed Description

Implement a joint position integrator which produces joint position references given a joint velocity target.

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Constructor & Destructor Documentation

generic_control_toolbox::JointPositionIntegrator::JointPositionIntegrator ( ros::NodeHandle nh)

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generic_control_toolbox::JointPositionIntegrator::~JointPositionIntegrator ( )

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Member Function Documentation

bool generic_control_toolbox::JointPositionIntegrator::init ( )

Get the parameters for the integrator.

Definition at line 67 of file joint_position_integrator.cpp.

void generic_control_toolbox::JointPositionIntegrator::reset ( )

Reset the integrator's state.

Definition at line 16 of file joint_position_integrator.cpp.

KDL::JntArray generic_control_toolbox::JointPositionIntegrator::update ( const KDL::JntArray q_dot,
const KDL::JntArray q,
float  dt 

Produce an updated joint position vector for a given set of joint velocities.

The output is q = sat(q + q_dot * dt), where the function sat(.) saturates the output if any joint exceeds the configured max_joint_error.

q_dotThe array of joint velocities to be integrated.
qThe current joint state.
dtThe integration delta.
An updated set of joint positions.

Definition at line 18 of file joint_position_integrator.cpp.

Eigen::VectorXd generic_control_toolbox::JointPositionIntegrator::update ( const Eigen::VectorXd &  q_dot,
const Eigen::VectorXd &  q,
float  dt 

Definition at line 43 of file joint_position_integrator.cpp.

Member Data Documentation

bool generic_control_toolbox::JointPositionIntegrator::got_state_

Definition at line 45 of file joint_position_integrator.hpp.

float generic_control_toolbox::JointPositionIntegrator::max_joint_error_

Definition at line 44 of file joint_position_integrator.hpp.

ros::NodeHandle generic_control_toolbox::JointPositionIntegrator::nh_

Definition at line 42 of file joint_position_integrator.hpp.

KDL::JntArray generic_control_toolbox::JointPositionIntegrator::virt_q_

Definition at line 43 of file joint_position_integrator.hpp.

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