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dual_arm_interactive_marker Namespace Reference


def centering_pose_callback (msg)
def left_franka_state_callback (msg)
def make_sphere (scale=0.3)
def process_feedback (feedback)
def publish_target_pose ()
def reset_marker_pose_blocking ()
def right_franka_state_callback (msg)


 args = parser.parse_args()
bool centering_frame_ready = False
 control = InteractiveMarkerControl()
bool has_error = False
 int_marker = InteractiveMarker()
 left_arm_id = args.left_arm_id
bool left_has_error = False
 marker_pose = PoseStamped()
 parser = argparse.ArgumentParser("")
 pose_pub = None
 right_arm_id = args.right_arm_id
bool right_has_error = False
 server = InteractiveMarkerServer("target_pose_marker")

Detailed Description

This simple script creates an interactive marker for changing desired centering pose of
    two the dual_panda_cartesian_impedance_example_controller. It features also resetting the
    marker to current centering pose between the left and the right endeffector.

Function Documentation

def dual_arm_interactive_marker.centering_pose_callback (   msg)
This callback function sets the marker pose to the current centering pose from a subscribed topic.
:return: None

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def dual_arm_interactive_marker.left_franka_state_callback (   msg)
This callback function set `has_error` variable to True if the left arm is having an error.
:param msg: FrankaState msg data
:return:  None

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def dual_arm_interactive_marker.make_sphere (   scale = 0.3)
This function returns sphere marker for 3D translational movements.
:param scale: scales the size of the sphere
:return: sphere marker

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def dual_arm_interactive_marker.process_feedback (   feedback)
This callback function clips the marker_pose inside a predefined box to prevent misuse of the marker.
:param feedback: feedback data of interactive marker
:return: None

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def dual_arm_interactive_marker.publish_target_pose ( )
This function publishes desired centering pose which the controller will subscribe to.
:return: None

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def dual_arm_interactive_marker.reset_marker_pose_blocking ( )
This function resets the marker pose to current "middle pose" of left and right arm EEs.
:return: None

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def dual_arm_interactive_marker.right_franka_state_callback (   msg)
This callback function set `has_error` variable to True if the right arm is having an error.
:param msg: FrankaState msg data
:return:  None

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Variable Documentation


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dual_arm_interactive_marker.args = parser.parse_args()

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bool dual_arm_interactive_marker.centering_frame_ready = False

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dual_arm_interactive_marker.control = InteractiveMarkerControl()

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bool dual_arm_interactive_marker.has_error = False

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dual_arm_interactive_marker.int_marker = InteractiveMarker()

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dual_arm_interactive_marker.left_arm_id = args.left_arm_id

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bool dual_arm_interactive_marker.left_has_error = False

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Initial value:
1 = rospy.Subscriber(left_arm_id + "_state_controller/franka_states",
2  FrankaState, left_franka_state_callback)

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dual_arm_interactive_marker.marker_pose = PoseStamped()

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dual_arm_interactive_marker.parser = argparse.ArgumentParser("")

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dual_arm_interactive_marker.pose_pub = None

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dual_arm_interactive_marker.right_arm_id = args.right_arm_id

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bool dual_arm_interactive_marker.right_has_error = False

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Initial value:
1 = rospy.Subscriber(right_arm_id + "_state_controller/franka_states",
2  FrankaState, right_franka_state_callback)

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dual_arm_interactive_marker.server = InteractiveMarkerServer("target_pose_marker")

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